Our Vision and Purpose

There are all kinds of conferences to pick from nowadays.

We don't desire to create another redundant conference, but to establish a new kind of gathering of junior high and high school students.

We don't come to conference to only be filled, but to be sent out like flaming arrows in the hands of a Mighty God.  Wherever we call home, that's our Jerusalem, the center and start of our Kingdom conquest to mobilize an army of students to loudly announce the goodness and grace of God to a people who desperately need good news.

We gather to disperse.

We gather to dip our arrows in the flame of the Spirit of God.

We gather to level mountains and barriers between God and a lost, broken world.

We gather to be reminded that together we can see more accomplished than alone.

Be sure, there is more for Y-O-U to know about God, there is more people to come to Jesus, there is more work to be done.  We will be the generation who fights for more.

Contact us for more info or with questions at info@thereismoreconference.com